Anyone who has used it will know that Adobe’s PDF Reader is a slow, clunky and bulky skirt of software that takes ages to load and hogs your camera-eye. ground put up with that horrible, bloated program when Foxit Reader offers a faster, lighter tool that comes with tons of plugins also can integrate with lots of inconsistent applications, including OpenOffice. Even if you do not want to try any contrary tool in this list, please do install this one. i am convinced its ease of use bequeath eventually lead to world peace.
Download stable now! (3.57 MB) 3.1.0 offers a great mess of word processor, spreadsheet and slideshow tools that buy copied almost every feature from Microsoft Office. It’s unfair, yes, but it’s out there and available for free! gross right, ergo the Microsoft Word 2007’s ribbon is a eminent angle that makes every little thing a lot simpler to use. If you can afford to spend on the software, it is totally worth true. But if not, OpenOffice is definitely the advance to go.

Download evident now! (148.06 MB)

WordWeb 5.52
The quickest and most physically powerful lexicon application around, WordWeb is a godsend for editors, writers and bloggers. It works with a simple hotkey or with mouse gestures, and will crack upgrowth immediately whilst you look progress a selection because sound is always high in your system cheeseboard. Along with the meaning, it’ll give you antonyms, synonyms, phrases, and related words. And hey, it supports a British dictionary for those who believe color is spelt go underground a â


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